10 Ways to Get Work Done When You Can Barely Function

To all my strugglers out there, here’s a little help in getting things done – even when you cannot leave your bed, as has been my M.O. several times in the past 2.5 years. Rolling from the desk to the bed, which is about 10 feet away, can be the extent of my exercise some days.

10 Ways to Get Things Done When You Can Barely Function

  1. Go under the covers – there are many tasks that can be performed from under the covers! First of all, respond to all emails
  2. Don’t turn on that camera! That way you don’t have to shower regularly. Or, if you have to turn that darn thing on, put your hair up, put on a clean shirt and point that camera way up so the fact that you are in bed isn’t obvious
  3. Take mid-day naps. Block out an hour on your Google cal
  4. Zone the fuck out with YouTube or a good movie. Check your emails in between when you have the energy and make yourself look active on Slack by wiggling the mouse regularly
  5. Take phone calls from bed. They can’t see you
  6. Never put on pants
  7. Keep snacks by your bed to not hit those low sugar states and add that to your already blues- i always have granola bars and/or applesauce
  8. Have a comfort plan. This means to hit all of the senses with as much comfy as possible. Essential oils, chocolate, calming music like Sufjan Stevens if you are me, and pretty pictures to stare at
  9. Be your own parent. Take care of yourself like a baby right now. Keep her fed, warm, hydrated, and alive. That’s all we have to do right now. Stay alive!
  10. Get the worst task done first. I call this “Eating the Frog” and I always keep a sign by my desk that reminds me of this. It cuts down big time on stress and anxiety. If you hate phone calls but have one that needs doing – do it first. Trust me, it helps.

Those are my tips. If you have your own, please share! Bookmark this for when you need it. Take care of yourself, grrl! You got this.


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