Stay Alive: Tips on Not Being in the News Tomorrow

I am a true crime addict. I struggle with it on a daily basis. Not because it is a real addiction. I struggle with it because I grow increasingly more and more uncomfortable with the exploitation of others’ pain, suffering, and d*ath for views and ad money. That said, and having only begun to say it, I have learned a lot over my years of watching, reading, and listening to true crime. Even if one of these tips helps one woman, I will have not wasted any time.

  1. When you get into your car, immediately lock the doors and start the car. So many women get distracted by their phones, their kids, their music, and forget that they are vulnerable. What a great time for someone looking to take advantage of you – with a mode of transportation built in. Side note here:
    • Never let them take you to a second location. Golden rule. Your chances of survival drop significantly if you are moved to a more rural location. Fight like hell.

2. Most women do this, but let your friend/s/family know when you are going on a date, especially and specifically if it is with a man. Send your friends his name, a photo, and where you are meeting. Tell them you will let them know how it goes. Dates are dangerous. Another tip…

3. Never go on a date to a private location. First and second dates need to be in a public spot. Don’t get into a car with a man before you know his last name. If you have his full name and can google him, and verify him, you are much safer. Still though, do not get into a car with him until at least the third date.

4. Sleep with a knife. And a bat. And pepper spray. And if you are someone who is ok with guns, have one of those by your bed too. Nighttime is a vulnerable time and you want to be ready. Don’t think that you are overdoing it, there is no such thing. Be prepared for the worst. Just like having fire extinguishers, have men extinguishers.

5. If you are getting the creeps, get out of there. Don’t be polite. I know this is SO HARD. Trust me. I am too friendly often and get myself into situations such as the Lyft driver thinking I am flirting and now I have to reject someone who has me trapped in his car. Don’t be like me. I have learned, and continue to learn, that I can say no and leave a situation even if it is hella awkward. Practice it. Don’t go along with things just for the sake of peace. Please.

6. Get the safety app for your phone. I have an Android because I am smart, but iPhones must have a similar feature. Search for “safety” under Settings, click “Safety and Emergency,” and then “Open Personal Safety.” Whenever I go for an evening walk or run, especially as it gets darker earlier, I set the app to notify a pre-chosen friend if I do not check in in whatever timeframe I choose, usually an hour. Remember to turn it off before you go on with your night!

Those are my tips for now – do I have more coming? Yes! There is an urgency I feel to make sure women are taking safety precautions. Please don’t wait. Don’t think, “I am fine. It won’t happen to me.” You know who said the same exact thing? People it has happened to. They all say that. Go forth, be safe, don’t be in the news tomorrow, I beg of you. Love ya.


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