On Not Dating But F*cking

My dating series has come to a halt along with my dating. So many situationships, so little interest left in it for me. I’ve dated, I’ve had so much coffee, gone to more than enough breweries for a lesbian who doesn’t even like beer, and have met so many cats and dogs that are not mine and I will never be a second mother to. I’m tired of people. But, that doesn’t mean I am tired of sex.

There was the one night stand girl that I got a bloody nose with and was a screamer (is that a blog post itself or is that er*tica?) The couple that is amazing; we fit perfectly together. I will elaborate if they give consent – what can I say, I am a great top.

I still have the dating apps, which is confusing to some people, meaning they are confused, even when I put “looking for something casual” in my bio. It’s as though as gay women, we don’t see ourselves as our gay male sisters do, being open and free sexually. Maybe I am using Tinder and Her as my own personal Grindrs, but there is nothing wrong with that. I am happy “alone” and am happy in my life. Also, I am having amazing sex so that really does help with that happiness.

Ok, blog post on the one night stand disaster is forthcoming…


On Multiple Sclerosis and Dating, A Series

Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com

When do you tell someone you are excited about that your body could literally stop working both at any time and for any amount of time with nearly no warning? Haha! Never, I wish!

Dating with Multiple Sclerosis is not something that is often talked about. Perhaps because people with an official MS diagnosis tend to skew older, and already paired off, or perhaps because no one wants to talk or even think about people with disabilities having sex lives – ew, right? How does that even work?

I am not a sex educator and I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I am someone with MS who has sex and dates people. And I think its time to talk.